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Be Part of Brooklyn's Most Vibrant Scene

421 Troutman presents an opportunity to become part of the new wave of immersive retail space. 

"As consumers choose to invest in experiences rather than products, retailers need to respond to meet the needs of their customers. Customers don’t want to just walk into your shop, buy your product and leave because they could do this in the comfort of their own home. But by creating a more immersive retail experience, retailers can drive people towards their stores and ensure they leave not just with your products but also memories. 


Retailtainment is predicted to dominate the industry, the fusion of retail and entertainment, an effort on the part of retailers to provide customers with fun, unique experiences that elevate shopping above anything it’s previously been."

Immmersive Bushwick Venue With Rooftop Capability.

Flexible 10,000 sf Floor Plate With 100' of Frontage


421 Troutman Street features a generous 100' of frontage on one of the most popular streets in Bushwick, showcasing prime visibility. 

Perfect Mix of Industrial 

& Modern Aesthetic


The space features high ceilings, exposed brick walls, new skylights, a new glass storefront, and new bathrooms. The potential also exists for sidewalk seating.

Easy Transportation in 

Vibrant Bushwick


Just a half block to the Jefferson Street L train, and parked right in the middle of vibrant Bushwick. Troutman Street is dubbed as Bushwick's Restaurant Row, known for its famed murals and street art.